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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, u.s. air strikes target isis, kill at least 250 fighters, and the search is on for answers in that turkey terrorist attack. arresting more than a dozen. a huge twisting tears through the midwest. winds up to 60 miles per hour hit north carolina, record rains flood arizona, and now the south is facing new monsoon threats. donald trump blames hillary clinton for isis. >> it started under her. it was a little group of people. it could have been wiped out quickly and effectively then. and as the president gets set to hit the trail with hillary, an epic rant against trump. making history, michael phelps swimming his way into the record books, now heading into his fifth olympic games.
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going for gold yet again. and good morning, america. all kinds of excitement for michael phelps. what about that, the first u.s. male swimmer to make it into not one, two, three, four, but five olympics. >> could be adding to his already 18 olympic gold medal count. don't forget, missy franklin, after a tough start, she sealed her place on the olympic team. boy, remember her in 2012? we'll much more on that on your big board. first that breaking news about isis. officials report the massive u.s. air strikes targeting terrorist groups in iraq killed more than 250 isis fighters. martha raddatz has the latest from washington. >> reporter: that is a striking number. if that 250 figure holds, this would be one of the largest, deadliest hits on isis fighters
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in recent memory. we were in that area just over a month ago. this is a group that's normally scattered throughout population centers in iraq, does not travel in large formations, but the pictures out of iraq overnight and this morning, graphic pictures show how intense the attacks on isis have been with the iraqis now back in control of the major city of fluj gentleman. witnesses say there were hundreds of isis vehicles streaming out of fallujah which is when the u.s. air strikes zeros in on the fighters. aid workers tried to deliver food to civilians who have fled fallujah say air strikes came dangerously close to them. they had to hide as the vehicles passed with u.s. fighter jets in hot pursuit. and while the air strikes were not in direct response to the istanbul attack, as isis loses more ground, the group seems to resort to attacks outside the
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borders. george? >> that is the pattern we've seen. thanks very much. to the latest on the terror attack in turkey overnight, officials conducting raid as we learn new details about that deadly blast at the airport. abc's terry moran is on the scene and has the latest for us. >> reporter: istanbul is a shaken city today, security is being intensified around the city and officials are now disclosing they believe the attackers here at the airport were russian and central asian as we are learning more about what they did here. this morning authorities in istanbul are cracking down. 16 raid throughout the city, targeting isis, and 13 people are now under arrest. this as we learn new details about that horrific attack on the city's airport tuesday, the coordinated massacre killing 42 people and wounding 239 others. we're seeing these newly released images of the suspected attackers. this man in a baseball cap with
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an alleged accomplice p officials say the three pulled up in a taxi just before 10:00 p.m. tuesday. they got out of a taxi here at the front of the airport where the first layer of security is. they were spotted and scattered. one heading down that way, opening fire, detonating his explosive. another making it into the terminal there. you can see the busted windows. blew himself up there. the third going downstairs where people were waiting for rides and detonating there. they used automatic weapons and unleashed a combination of deadly fire inside the airport. the attacks inside happened first. passengers fleeing in terror as the gunman opened fire. then an explosion, shaking tiles from the ceiling. >> just to see people screaming, running, tripping, police with guns drawn, and it quickly became clear that something else had happened. this wasn't a drill, this wasn't a hoax. >> reporter: but in the confusion there were acts of bravery. watch as this officer approaches one of the attackers, shooting him, the terrorist's gun sliding across the floor.
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the officer comes closer, but then runs for cover as the terrorist on the ground fumbles and then detonates his suicide vest. this morning that officer is reportedly recovering in the hospital with a spleen injury from a gunshot wound. but the terror wasn't over. as people ran out of the airport, a third attacker was waiting, detonating his suicide vest near a line of taxis. you can see the force of the blast. funerals for the victims have begun. we are told that 94 people still remain in the hospital. cia chief john brennan is leading a core of officials who say the attacks looks like the word of isis and that isis could be planning a similar attack in the u.s. brian ross is here with more on what has officials so worried right now. >> reporter: good morning, george. while there still has been no claim of responsibility, u.s. officials this morning say the attackers left behind significant clues about who they were.
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some of the most important clues are being discovered on that airport surveillance tape. counter-terrorism officials spotted the apparent confident demeanor of the suicide attackers, one wearing a winter coat on an 84-degree day to hide his suicide bomb. >> the fact that the attackers had a specific plan, they knew the places they wanted to be and acted in a coordinated fashion all indicate this was a well planned and orchestrated attack. >> reporter: the hallmarks of isis, amid what officials call increasing tempo of attacks on western targets. >> right now i am still very concerned that the is isil-generated engine of foreign terrorism outside of syria and iraq still has a lot of momentum that we cannot rest at all, we have to increase our efforts. >> reporter: u.s. officials hope the tragedy at the airport will lead turkey to increase its efforts. the country's border with syria
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has been the principle gateway for recruits to travel in and out of isis training camps. in 2014 vice-president biden told an audience at harvard the turks new their border had become too porous. >> president erdogan said you were right, we let too many people through. >> reporter: 6,000 have turned the border into syria, many to join isis. this morning among u.s. officials there's unanimous agreement the attack in istanbul was from isis. >> real concern about this july 4th weekend. >> that's right. u.s. officials say the coordinated attack seen in istanbul is less likely here because it's much more difficult to form and maintain a cell in the u.s. the u.s. counter-terrorism squad are geering up for a long july 4th weekend. isis will earn ten times the
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awards if they carry out attacks during the holy month. >> thanks very much. we're going to move on to the other big story, that extreme weather, a tornado tearing through the midwest, touching down in iowa. and storms spreading from arizona to north carolina. ginger is in washington, has all the details for us. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, robin and good morning everyone. on a picture perfect morning it was far from it in places like iowa. more than 122 severe storm reports. storm chasers closing in on that beast. thankfully no one injured that we know of. what i did want to show you was the really big issue in raleigh, north carolina. the picture you see, hundreds of people evacuated from the red hat amphitheater at the raleigh road show. lightning and damaging winds, too. look at the pictures coming out of there, wind gusts at 55-plus mile per hour. a big cleanup effort as tens of
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thousands still without power. of course, that's what happened, but what's going to happen when you care about it most, right here is your travel forecast. the wet spot is going to be with that monsoon flow in parts of the west, the southwest, colorado and denver included. a whole lot more coming up. for now we'll head back to robin and george. >> she's there for a reason and she'll explain that. the race for the white house. president obama going on what he called a rant against donald trump, as trump targets hillary over isis. tom llamas is here with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: sharpening his attack on hillary clinton over the rise of isis. >> it started under her. it was a little group of people. it could have been wiped out quickly and effectively then. now it's a very large group of people, and it's only getting bigger. >> reporter: trump also using benghazi to show clinton is soft
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an terror. now the nra launching this new ad showcasing veteran mark geist, a u.s. contractor who was in benghazi during the attack. >> hillary as president, no thanks. >> reporter: trump getting help from reporters like boston radio host howie carr going against senator elizabeth warren. >> i heard hillary clinton and elizabeth warren campaigning. you know elizabeth warren, right? wa, wa, wa. >> reporter: clinton said to get even more husband out on the campaign trail. president obama will campaign with her for the first time next tuesday, and already the president going after trump, saying he's no populist. >> they don't suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that's nativism. or xenophobia. or worse.
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>> reporter: now, mitt romney back in the news saying yesterday his family did want him to run again but he didn't think it was right if there was a strong alternative in the republican party. he says he doesn't believe he could win if he enters the race. >> there's another story about a trump business enterprise, about the trump institute which is a real estate seminar. you see it right there. there are claims of fraud and plajerrism with that institute. >> the times reporting that the trump institute was accused of depth tif practices. unlike trump university, trump did not own trump institute but he did give his name. >> let's get more from matt dowd this morning. matt, let's start with president obama. he called it a rant yesterday about donald trump. it's not the first time. what about the political effect of this? is he actually persuading anybody with this or just firming up his base?
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>> george, i think it's a two-edged sword with the president. one, it's a great asset for hillary clinton to have somebody that's now popular among the majority of the country to go after donald trump and raise concern, but it also reminds people that it is a continuation of the status quo for hillary clinton. if you want change, she's not the change candidate in the course of this. more problematic for donald trump is that he's in a 400-meter race in a pool where he is running the race, swimming the race, all by himself. i don't care if you're michael phelps. if you're against four, you can't win a race. he has to figure out a way to get more people involved in this against hillary clinton. >> more and more republicans are still questioning whether he's a viable candidate, including mitch mcconnell. we're seeing all kinds of polls. two national polls, nbc and fox around five or six points. quinnipiac, a two point race. how do voters make sense of
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these differences? >> for our viewers, it's important to understand, if this is a six or seven-point race which i think it is a solid six or seven-point lead for hillary clinton, that means polls are going to range between one and two points or 10 or 11 points. it's going to fall in that range. i would recommend the viewers to watch the averages in the course of this and the average has gone from relatively even over the last month or so to a six or seven-point hillary clinton lead. that will change in the conventions and the debates but that's why you see these range of polls. >> matt, thanks very much. now to new details in the mystery surrounding egyptair flight 804, the flight from paris to cairo crashing last month killing all 66 people on board. investigators now say the wreckage an flight data recorder show signs of extreme heat and smoke just before the crash. joining us now is aviation consultant steve ganyard. hearing that, what does that
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tell you? >> it doesn't tell us a lot, robin. unfortunately, it's a bit frustrating. we don't know much more today than we did a couple days ago. all this does is confirm what we knew before. there were indications of smoke, there was a fire on board, but what brought this airplane down is still a mystery. >> there is a piece of information that you find disturbing and could hinder the investigation and that is the recorder stopped recording before the crash. >> one of the things that the investigators confirmed yesterday was that the flight data recorder which is recording the parameters of what's going on on the airplane itself also stopped at 37,000 feet when the airplane was straight and level. so that suggests that something either catastrophic happened, but the last piece of information we're going to get is the cockpit voice reporters. what were the pilots saying and trying to fix. if that stopped at the same incident that the other
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recorders stopped, we may not get the information we need and this still may be a difficult mystery to solve. >> we still don't know, mechanical failure or act of terror? >> we don't. either way it's something that's got to be addressed. >> thank you. there's another bombshell out of great bln. boris johnson has announced he will not run for prime minister. the question over who will lead great britain is one of the many uncertainties in stock markets. johnson said he doesn't believe he's the right man to unify the party going forward, all the leadership in flux right now. there was a scare in the air for roller coaster riders when the ride got stuck 100 feet off the round. cars were chained to the rail before rescue crews brought the riders down one at a time.
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that took about an hour. everyone safe this morning. and the academy is making some news this morning, inviting the most diverse group of new members ever to joining its ranks, the announcement coming after this year's oscar's so white campaign. he may have missed out on an oscar nomination last year. but this morning beasts of no nation star idris elba leading the pack of more than 600 new members inducted into the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. 41% of the new membership class, people of color. that's up 3% from last year. other new members include captain america's chadwick boseman. >> i want to ask a second time -- >> as well as creed's michael b. jordan. >> show me how to do this. >> the academy came under fire this year for not nominating any
7:17 am
actors of color for the second year in a row. after the hashtag oscar's so white campaign went viral, the organization vowed to double the amount of women and minorities by 2020. this year's new female class includes emma watson. >> i've been away for two months. it's another world. and it gets better. >> america ferrera -- >> also that's it. >> and eva mendez. >> i do have friends, carter. >> some actors took to social media to celebrate. gabrielle union tweeting, huge honor and i cannot wait to vote. and annika noni rose sharing, i'd like to thank the academy for welcoming me. if all those invited accept membership the academy will have close to 8,000 members so that is a big change. they still need to continue working on that. the other thing of note was they're also changing voting rights. you're no longer allowed to vote for the oscar for the rest of
7:18 am
your life. you don't just get to do that. you can vote -- your status gets renewed every ten years. >> you have to cycle after ten years? >> there are a couple of exceptions. it's long and deep, if you're a winner, nominated. the point being, they're trying. the changes are afoot. >> they said they would be changes. >> and we're starting to see that happen. a lot of excitement. let's go back to ginger. she's got that monsoon in the this is the time of year it happens, now tucson has had it's third wettest june on record. damaging winds at 07 miles per hour. that's a look at the monsoon that's coming, one to three inches in the forecast. we want to get you your rainy cities brought to you by ysm --
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yoplet. >> reporter: okay, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry heading outside, lots of sunshine across the region, nice and bright conditions staying with us all day long, temperatures in the mid 60s, up to 70 or so. low humidity in spots, sunny and warm in spots, 87 low humidity. tomorrow, changes, it will be soupy and drenching shower or gusting thunderstorm. 86 is the high, not a washout, but you have to watch out for that through the day and evening. great saturday and sunday. acing
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and get another one free when you add a second line. >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:23, thursday, june 30th. let's head over to karen rogers, looking at the tacony-palmyra. >> reporter: we'll see traffic stopped in a half-hour, the tacony-palmyra will be going up for a bridge opening. stick to the burlington bristol bridge that is moving just fine. we have an accident southbound at 295 at 73 look for an accident causing problems on 73 itself near the area. you're traveling 20 miles per hour. 295 southbound you'll get delays with the accidents in. outside live on i-95 southbound at cottman. we see the accident off to the side with penndot on the scene. it was blocking a lane for a while and creating an extra slow go, and moved to the side, traffic is heavy at i-95
7:24 am
southbound at cottman an accident westbound on the turnpike past fort washington, speeds 18 miles per hour because of it. >> we'll take a short break and come back to your accuweather. with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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everybody, we're off to a sunny, very nice start. take a look we're sitting on 69 degrees, low humidity. 63 in allentown. 66 in wilmington. stickier in cape may and dover, but not bad. this afternoon, warm, high of 87 degrees under mostly sunny skies, the humidity should stay on the low side. tomorrow a change we'll swing the humidity back up. might feel tropical in the afternoon. at times during the day and afternoon and evening there will be a drenching shower and thunderstorm. saturday and sunday looking great. monday, maybe late-day rain.
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>> that's it for us, we'll send you back to "g.m.a.," but we'll be back here in 30.
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we welcome you back to "gma." you're looking at u.s. air strikes targeting isis overnight. officials say they killed at least 250 fighters, as the search continues for answers in turkey after those deadly terrorist attacks. more than a dozen arrested in raids overnight there. right now, a huge twister tore through the u.s. now the south facing new monsoon threats. boris johnson, one of the leaders of the brexit campaign has announced he will not run for prime minister. michael phelps making history in the pool, becoming the first male swimmer to qualify for five olympics. so can he bring home another medal? we'll break it down with olympic champion summer sanders.
7:31 am
>> he was 15 in his first olympics back in 2000. >> he's really old at 31. >> exactly. i'm with you, lara, thank you. we begin this half-hour with a case that's raising questions did distracted driving and using social media behind the wheel. overnight a wisconsin mother accused of using facebook seconds before a deadly crash. she was acquitted of all charges. gio benitez is here with more on this. >> reporter: this has been called the case of the three angel. three little girls who did not survive that crash. the driver, mother to those girls, under the microscope. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, carrie jo, not guilty. >> reporter: overnight a wisconsin jury taking just two hours to acquit carrie jo millberg of causing the death of her 11-year-old daughter and two 5-year-old nieces when they say she lost control of her car while using her cell phone. >> semijust hit an suv. >> is there an injury. >> there has to be.
7:32 am
>> okay. >> there's nobody moving in the suv. >> reporter: in court prosecutors saying they found facebook messages on millberg's phone between her and a childhood friend about meeting for lunch. takes a lot to get my nervous, he wrote. millberg replying, i am too, kind of bad. prosecutors alleging that message was sent less than 30 seconds before the 2013 crash. an investigator also testifying he saw the messaging app open on her phone when it was found on the road several months later. >> it appeared something was written in the composition line, but i couldn't make out what it was. >> reporter: but millberg who lost all memory of the accident has long argued she lost control of the car because of slippery, snow-covered roads and unsafe tires, a point her attorney made during cross-examination. >> you can't rule out the fact that the fire was a cause? >> i cannot. >> reporter: the jury finding millberg not guilty of all charges. her sister, the mother of those
7:33 am
5-year-olds, telling us overnight, that she's relieved, she's breathing full breaths of air again and that she loves those three girls with every fiber of her body. >> joining us now abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams. it took the jury less than two hours. what do you make of the verdict? >> i think there are three reasons they came to this verdict. number one is the weather, the fact that they couldn't prove that it was the weather, that there was snow on the roads, that it was slippery. number two, prosecutors had trouble demonstrating beyond a reasonable doubt that she was using her facebook account at that time, at that place. that was another problem. number three and maybe the most important issue of all, i think the jurors felt sorry for her. one of the alternate jurors said hasn't she suffered enough. i think that may have been at the heart of this. these jurors looking at this and possibly thinking to themselves, my goodness, could that have ever happened to me? >> any missteps by the
7:34 am
prosecution here? >> look, if you do get a verdict in less than two hours you're going to look back and say what did we do wrong here. so they do have to think to themselves was this a case worth bringing? if they believed that beyond a reasonable doubt she was sitting there, having social conversations on facebook while driving with these three kids in the car, then, you know, there may have been a legitimate claim to bring this case, but i don't think there's any question considering how easy it seemed to have been for the jury that this was not a case that they were going to win with small strategy changes. >> as you said, it could be that the jury was sympathetic, but texting is a huge issue that we talked about. texting and driving, you see all the ads and i know when i'm on the road and i see somebody with their phone out, i just want to scream at them. is it against the law in every state, but it's not? >> 46 states it's against the law to be texting. 14 states have a hand-free cell phone laws. there's no question that around
7:35 am
the country state legislatures are grappling with this. don't forget it's not just that. it's also like a tv. >> it's distracting. >> exactly right. the goal is, have people focus on the driving. it can be anything from alcohol to a tv to texting. when you're driving you got to be focusing on the driving and that's the message that they're trying to send. >> last weekend when i was driving to connecticut i actually saw somebody with their laptop out driving watching a movie. >> come on. >> i could not believe that. >> and then they were on social media saying robin roberts just drove by me. >> they're glancing over. all right, dan, thanks so much. >> thanks. we're going to move on now to a 911 call that is raising questions about the sleeping aid ambien. one man called for help after taking a pill claiming he was in a plane crashed that never happened, and it's not the first time authorities have had to deal with hallucinations like
7:36 am
this. kendis gibson here with the story. >> this was fascinating. in fact, this 911 caller was so convinced that he was in a plane crash, vividly describing the crash scene, and it was all his imagination. the call came to 911 early in the morning, just outside seattle last month, a man claiming he just survived a plane crash and needed help. >> are you able to safely get out? >> no. i'm pinned in. >> reporter: the 75-year-old caller said he was in the plane with three other people, but they were unconscious. >> are you able to look out the window? are you able to see the wing from where you're at? >> no, i can't see anything. >> reporter: it's the stuff of nightmares, and this morning the caller tells abc affiliate komo that's basically what it was, all of it, a hallucination caused by the sleeping pill ambien. the man who didn't want to go on camera tells our affiliate he was at home the entire time.
7:37 am
others have claimed damaging side affects as well. in new jersey police arrested this woman who appeared drunk. it wasn't just alcohol. she had popped an ambien, gone to bed, and claims she had no memory getting behind the wheel. in texas, a woman who had mixed wine with ambien also ended up unknowingly on the road. a secure camera captures the horrific consequences as she runs over a family in their yard, severely injuring a toddler. the man who imagined the plane crash had just had surgery. it's unclear if he mixed other drugs and perhaps that caused the reaction. the drug's developer says it has a 20-year track record and is perfectly safe when taken as directed. so the elderly man says that he only took a half a pill because he couldn't sleep after his surgery. that said, doctors say this sort of disorientation can happen with the pill if the dosage is just too high. >> got to be careful. thanks very much. >> i enjoy watching you early in the morning. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> get my day started.
7:38 am
>> you need to get some sleep. >> you need to get some sleep. >> touche. coming up, we're going to tell you what pepsi is putting back in their drink after a public outcry. plus miss teen usa, is the swimsuit competition a thing of the past. and michael phelps, the man of the hour, swimming into the record books, making olympic history again. our experts are standing by and we'll be back in two minutes. every part of you is strong. time to bring... that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened
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i'm a big girl and big boy this time. we welcome you to the big board, our team of insiders live to take on today's top stories. pepsi is shaking up its soda lineup bringing back crystal pepsi. the bigger change is that it's reintroducing the artificial sweetener aspartame in diet pepsi. dr. richard besser, i know you want to weigh in on this. first they take it out and now want to put it back in.
7:41 am
they say they took it out because of safety concerns. >> they were responding to consumer concerns about a possible link -- animal studies showing a possible link between aspartame and certain cancers. the fda looked at it and concluded that it's safe and other countries have concluded the same. there are some consumer groups, center for science and public interest, they've concluded that there could be a risk. if there's a risk, it's small and it comes with massive consumption of aspartame. >> and, rich, you know, when they took this off the market they were talking about the consumer concerns about safety but then after they take it off the market, consumers say they didn't like the change, sales fell 10%. now pepsi is going to offer two versions, one with aspartame and one with suk kra lows. how do you make sense of this? >> i think it says money talks. people said that they wanted it back in there. there aren't any new studies or there aren't many in the past year that change the conclusion on this. i'm not a big fan of sodas
7:42 am
whether it's sugar or diet. i'm a water drinker. if you're going to do it, do it in moderation. people with a medical condition called pku, they cannot consume aspartame. it's very dangerous for them. let's move on to a big change coming in the pageant world. miss teen usa announcing they are getting rid of the swimsuit competition. adjoining us is christina from us weekly. now they're going to have this athletic wear competition. what's behind the change? >> miss teen usa is trading bikinis for athleisure wear. this is the first time in 33 years that miss teen usa will not have a swimsuit competition and are shifting the focus to physical fitness which they hope encourages their young parts occupations ages 14 to 19. they said this is a reflection of the cultural shift and that they are celebrating women that lead physical and active lives. >> do you think other pageants are going to follow suit here? >> i definitely think so. i think this is a whole
7:43 am
rebranding for pageants. if you remember back in 2014 miss world banned swimsuit competitions, and pageants have been under a lot of scrutiny or objectifying women and for not promoting different body types and now with this shift it seems that they are embracing empowerment and equality. >> do you know what kind of outfits we're going to see exactly? >> yoga pants? >> any yoga pants, anything that makes you feel strong and empowered, i think that's pretty much what they're promoting and i think it's a great shift for them. >> thank you very much. i was a judge at the miss teen usa pageant in 1990. bridget wilson won, miss oregon, actress, married to pete sampras. i think we got it right. now to michael phelps making history once again. he won the men's 200 meter butterfly which means he'll become the first american man ever to swim in five olympics games. joining us is summer sanders,
7:44 am
former swimmer and yahoo! contributor. how excited are you? come on now, you can really appreciate the fact that he is going to his fifth olympic games. what does that say to you? >> absolutely amazing. i thought it was perfect. as soon as he composed himself and was swimming across the pool he put up his hand for number five. again, i felt really honored to witness this bit of history from michael phelps. it was far from a perfect race, his 200 butterfly. he said especially the last 25 meters was really tough, but he was one of the few veterans to touch the wall first in one of his signature races. what we have left from michael phelps, today is his birthday, the ripe old age of 31. he's going to swim. he has the prelims this morning, the semis tonight. the true test will be on saturday -- wait, on friday, when he gets to swim the 200 im final and the 100 fly. it will be his first double. we're all just excited to see michael phelps back at the li
7:45 am
olympic games. >> how excited is he when he looks over and sees his baby boy. >> put the medal around his neck. how about missy franklin. she did make the team, came in second in the freestyle. what are you expecting from the team this year? >> it was great to see missy. in fact, i was shocked that she made it as an individual event in the 200 freestyle. we saw from her grit and determination. apparently there's fierceness underneath those smiles. what we've seen so far is a lot of newcomers. these young faces that a lot of us didn't know before this olympic trials. so although it's very exciting, i do think we're seeing a tremendous changing of the guard and they're very excited now to make the olympic team but can 30 days from now they get excited and fired up to get on the podium and win some medals? i think that will be the true test. so it's fun, it happens all the time, this transition.
7:46 am
we're seeing it in swimming. >> i want to ask all three, what's your favorite olympic moment? i'll start with you summer, other than you '92, barcelona. >> no contest. mary lou retin on the vault. i can see it, she lands it and her hair is perfect and her smile is huge. >> christina? >> back in 1996, the miracle seven, unbelievable, dominique daus. >> rich, bring it home. >> i got to go back to mark spitz. i'm a little older. when he won those medals, i thought it was incredible. >> how about the miracle on ice. >> oh, yeah. hey, thanks to all three of you. we appreciate it very much, rich, christina and summer sanders. look for the new issue of us weekly nationwide on friday. >> in two minutes our shot shot of the day, the david and
7:47 am
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7:49 am
we're back with the hot shot. we told you wednesday about wimbledon's own version of david versus goliath. marcus willis ranked 772 against the seven-time wimbledon champion roger federer. this guy almost quit the game, and there he is, centre court against the master. all right, all right, federer smoked him, but come on, people. willis played his heart out. >> good for him, good for him. >> he managed to win over the crowd. he doesn't seen have a sponsor. this is my favorite part. she showed up, roger had to get a chuckle out of this, shows up wearing a roger federer shirt from roger's line from nike. when willis actually managed to take a game off of federer, the crowd went wild. in the end though, federer did beat him, 6-0, 6-3, 6-4, but
7:50 am
willis seemed to take the loss like a champ. >> it's amazing. next wednesday might be quite different. >> i think it will, my friend. he said he thought his efforts deserved a beer and he got one. his coach had one waiting for him the second he got off the court. cheers, buddy, and congratulations. it was so fun watching an every man live his dream. he said he bounced the ball two times, looked up and said oh, no. >> i could not imagine. >> he made roger work. 6-4 is nothing to be embarrassed about. >> not bad at all. >> you can see all the action at wimbledon today on espn and streaming live on watch espn and the espn app. >> is that it?
7:51 am
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7:54 am
back here on "gma" we are in washington d.c. on the national mall. we've got the d.c. road runners, we've got folks from a camp in communications. they came out in force in d.c. the fire is out in force. you can see what's going on there. that's the trail head fire in california. also a new one in idaho to talk about, 800 acres there. the table rocked. still very hot in the west.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, it is 7:56 thursday, june 30, let's start off with traffic, karen rogers is looking at 422. >> reporter: we have a couple of accidents 422 eastbound near trooper, the right lane is blocked, we have delays from trooper road to 29 everybody getting off to the left lane with a new accident blocking the right lane and causing problems this morning. let's switch the camera view the tacony-palmyra we have a bridge opening in five, ten minutes, you might warrant to head to the burlington bristol bridge. traffic will be stopped. we have an accident that's new in the last couple of minutes. i want to go outside live, this is i-95 this one northbound at academy road. look at the vehicle completely
7:57 am
facing the wrong way. we have police on the scene. looks like there's debris police are trying to pick up, several vehicles involved and penndot on the scene, as well. >> let's go outside to sky6 live hd, beautiful out there, david murphy. >> reporter: absolutely, it's beautiful out here, the sun is warm, 72 degrees degrees, standing on concrete it's toasty, but low humidity. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a warm afternoon high 87 but humidity is on the low side. tomorrow, soupy, drenching showers and thunderstorms at times, 86 is the high, back to nice weather and saturday and sunday. late rain possible on monday, tam we're watching that. >> the proposed gas tax hike in new jersey goes up for a vote in the state senate. if ray proved drivers will pay 23 more cents for gas starting tomorrow.
7:58 am
governor chris christie plans to slash the state sales tax by 1% to help with the prices at the pump. that will be phased in over the next year 1/2. that's it for now, we'll send you back to "g.m.a.ment" i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. obama versus trump. >> that's nativism or xenophobia or worse. >> the president blasts the candidate in a full-on rant. plastic surgery nightmare. actress stephanie march on her breast implant journey, shockingly candid about her severe complications, how she decided to change her body when she couldn't change her life. sharing her story to help others. fireworks alert. thousands sent to the hospital each year around the fourth of july. now new york giants jason pierre-paul speaking about his accident that blew off his hand. >> i went to the hospital and all i could do is think about my son and if i'm going to make it. >> the new warnings this morning and how you could be putting your kids in danger this
8:01 am
holiday. ♪ baby love >> baby oh, baby, one of our favorite couples expecting, maks, peta and baby makes three. how they kept it a secret during "dancing with the stars." what they're revealing right now about becoming parents, and the pictures you have to see ♪ if everybody had an ocean >> it's time for deals and steals, all made in america, as we say -- good morning america! yeah, why did tori get them all? >> we got a great crowd here. look at the beautiful flowers. oh, happy birthday. happy 70th. and also, look at that, a watch party of super fans joining us from boston. they're all about deals and steals. >> do you know what today is? >> national social media day? >> that's exactly what it is, lara. we've been working on our facebook page. we have this "gma" wakeup call.
8:02 am
we're going to super size it for the whole hour starting right now. tori is also going to reveal what's ahead on deals and steals. tom bergeron is going to join us. that's vintage right there. >> i was going to say, classic. >> the man behind it all. >> he's the guy that produces it every morning. there are are the puppies. >> emphasis on steals today, tori. we are stealing those puppies. >> it's a pup scope. >> i like that, instead of periscope. these adorable guys taking over our pup scope. you can watch them for the next hour. the north shore animal league, so kind to bring them to times square. what a ham. they're having independence day adoptions special this weekend. all these puppies are up for adoption. the fees are very low. please consider rescuing them. >> north shore is where we got our lucas. >> we sent harper away to summer
8:03 am
camp. >> let's go to tom llamas. >> we do begin with breaking news. major developments in the istanbul terror attack. turkish authorities have revealed that three suicide bombers were from russia and central asia. the identities are still unknown. police in istanbul today carried out a series of raids, arresting more than a dozen suspects. also this morning, the pentagon announced that as many as 250 isis fighters have been killed in iraq. an isis convoy fleeing the city of fallujah as it was hit. iraqi forces pushed isis out of fallujah last week. president obama is using some of his harshest words yet to attack donald trump. during a self-described rant on his visit to canada, the president denied that trump's immigration policy accounts to populism or helping every day americans. >> that's not the measure of populism. that's nativism.
8:04 am
or xenophobia. or worse. or it's just cynicism. >> trump has not responded to those comments just yet. he used a rally last night to attack hillary clinton over the rise of isis, saying the terror group started under her watch and only grew bigger. a hazing investigation is under way at a marine boot camp in south carolina following the death of a muslim recruit. 15 drill stricters at parris island have been reassigned. the marine corps is trying to figure out if he was hazed because he's a muslim. one of the most popular national parks. an off duty ranger was killed near the west entrance of glacier national park, the bear knocking the ranger off his bike. the grizzly population has been on the rise in recent years, leading to an increase in
8:05 am
confrontations with humans. federal agents are showing off the stack of cash they say they found in the home of a suspected drug trafficker. that's $24 million stashed inside home depot buckets behind a wall. a brother and sister were arrested, accused of using their gardening business for a marijuana growing operation. we want to show you an exciting new world record that's been set. a jack russell terrier named twinkie has popped 100 balloons in 39.8 seconds. the pup you see there is from california. he broke the record, and the interesting thing about this, guys, it is all in the genes. his mom formerly held the record. balloon popping of course dates back to medieval times. started back then. >> jack russell terrier. >> in the jack's genes? >> exactly. >> are we going to wait until he pops all of them? okay, all right, we're almost there. might as well. >> we're getting so close.
8:06 am
now we got to do it. >> oh! >> appropriate intro to pop news. >> thank you, george. you're the man. you are the man. we're going to begin pop news with great news for basically our family members. "dancing with the stars" stars maxim and peta having a ballroom baby, posting this photo saying we couldn't be happier. maks shared this ultrasound with the tiny dancer, showing his or her good lines, sort of raising an arm we think. peta telling "people" magazine she had horrible morning sickness during 22 season of "dancing with the stars," not that we could tell considering she won. she's in her second trimester and says they're looking forward to, quote, putting all of our energy into this beautiful soul. >> ten. >> perfect ten. yep, yep. even len would have to say that's a perfect ten. and it wasn't luck but skill
8:07 am
that earned indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck a very big honor. the 26-year-old is now the highest paid player in the entire nfl with a six-year contract worth $140 million. that's more than tom brady, cam newton. luck missed the second half of the season due to injuries but led his team to the playoffs in his first three years on the professional field. agreed? >> oh, yeah. 26 years old, yeah. >> good for him. >> hopefully he'll come back from the injuries. >> absolutely. congratulations. and then finally in pop news we all remember that amazing miracle on the hudson landing when pilot chelsea sully sullenberger landed his crippled airliner on the hudson river. >> robin remembers. >> robin, you were there first hand. you saw it happen. >> i was the second caller to 911. that was a very interesting call to make. >> there is a giant airliner on the river. >> i'm not taking ambien. >> you're on a roll today. >> wow. >> tell us about the movie though.
8:08 am
>> yes. you'll be a great person to review the movie. your first look at tom hanks playing the part of the hero captain in warner brothers first trailer for sully. >> i got an a-320 diving for the river. >> when was your last drink? have you had any troubles at home? >> this is the captain. brace for impact. >> what? oh, my god! >> unbelievable. no shortage of drama there. sully corrected by the one and only clint eastwood. >> it's going to be good. >> hits theaters friday september 9th. >> i must tell you, watching it, it was not a crash landing. it was an emergency landing. he used the river like his runway. it was incredible to witness that. >> i covered that story. i remember running out there and getting the second call, everyone survived. it was like, whoa. everyone survived. >> amazing. check that out and that you have for giving us the first look. here's what's coming up on your
8:09 am
"gma" morning menu. >> you're on the move? >> i'm on the move. stay away. this could get ugly. a fourth of july warning, how to keep your kids safe. a demonstration you need to see. and tory johnson with fourth of july deals and steals. all of them made in america. and then puppies, puppies. so excited, our pup ascope right now helping us celebrate national social media day, trying to give these little fellas a new home. we're also streaming on facebook live. so much more coming up on "gma" live in times square. what do you got? >> pillows. >> i'll take two. ♪ ♪ starbucks® cold brew coffee.
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8:14 am
welcome back to "gma." law and order svu star stephanie march is opening up about our breast implant nightmare and what she learned. she did it all in a candid new essay. >> i don't see enough to charge with rape one. >> she's best known for her role on the hit show law and order svu. now stephanie march is revealing a dangerous situation in her personal life. a severe complication she experienced after having breast implants. >> i think what she is in a place now where she's feeling healed and she's feeling confident again and she's ready to share this story. >> in a candid essay for refinery 29, march explains her decision to undergo the surgery during a painful time in her life, saying, "my marriage of nearly ten years was falling apart and nothing, nothing was helping me cope. i decided to change my body
8:15 am
because i couldn't change my life." but after two months she says, my right implant was effected and the seams on the right had bust. >> the procedure she thought were going to fix the problems in her life had only made them more complicated and realized it was time to move on. >> she finally had them removed saying, i kept trying to fix my body and it kept telling me to leave it alone. i have accepted this episode as a part of my larger story and i refuse to be ashamed of it. march telling abc news, i am overwhelmed and very moved by the positive response to the article. joining us now abc chief women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. this is the most common form of cosmetic surgery. what do people need to know? >> it is and it's generally safe and generally high satisfaction rates but it is not without complication. those possible complications which again are rare but they can and do happen, the need for reoperation or repeat surgery, scarring around the implant which is known as capsular
8:16 am
contraction, a leak or rupture, infection or a poor cosmetic result or just people changing their mind, you need to know about these possible complications, and they do differ based on the type of implant used, the approach used, the incision, and generally the skill and the expertise of surgeon. although these can happen with the best surgical techniques. >> stephanie was quick to not blame her doctor at all. >> that's correct. >> she said he handled everything extremely well. what should we be asking your doctor. >> are you board certified in plastic surgery. that's not a secret. you're entitled to know that. you want to ask how many of these operations does he or she do every year and what is their complication rate and compare that. >> what struck people with the essay is that stephanie was very candid and very open in talking about how she wanted to -- things weren't going well in her life and she thought this could change it. there is a psychological aspect. >> that's correct. any reputable and skilled board
8:17 am
certified plastic surgeon is trained to assess whether formally or informally the psychological state of the patient. if you think that having cosmetic surgery is going to change your life, it's not. you get a complication, it becomes major real fast. >> that's a headline, no such thing as minor surgery. thank you. >> you bet. coming up, a big fourth of july warning about fireworks. you know we said we'd take a look
8:18 am
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8:21 am
we are back with a "gma" exclusive. a fireworks warning for july 4th. the consumer products safety commission reports about 12,000 emergency room visits and at least 11 deaths caused by mishandling fireworks. they're trying to bring that number down with a new psa starg new york giants player jason pierre-paul. he spoke with abc mara skaif video campo. >> this morning an exclusive first look at a new psa starring new york giants player jason pierre-paul, also known as jpp. >> all i could do is think about my son and if i'm going to make it. i'm truly blessed to be alive. now i think about safety. >> reporter: jpp lit a professional grade fire work last july 4th and it went off
8:22 am
while still in his hand. >> i didn't know what was going on until i got up and i looked at my hand. right then and there i was like, i need to get to a hospital right away. >> reporter: "gma" with behind the scenes access as the prod t consumer product safety commission shot the psa. he spent weeks in the hospital losing his right index finger and severely injuring the rest of his hand. >> how has your recovery been this last year? >> my recovery is good. you just got to overcome it. >> reporter: he says he thought he could get away from the fire work in time, like so many do. >> oh! >> reporter: countless youtube videos show amateurs setting off fireworks. but the cpsc warns is that even sparklers are dangerous what is the message you're sending? >> leave the fireworks to the
8:23 am
professionals. >> good advice right there. let's get a live fireworks safety demonstration from ginger in washington. >> and george, you just saw elliott kay, chairman of cpsc. he's here with me live now to show us what not to do on the fourth of july. i think it's very important. he's got two types of fireworks, an m-80 and m-1000. >> this can take your hand and this can take your life. >> so powerful. we're about to see it. let's see what the m-80 can do. we're going to close our ears. >> so, like i said and like we saw with jpp, this can take your hand off in an instant. this is a professional grade fire work. >> the m-1000, this can take your life and you said this is about to be scary. >> absolutely. definitely cover your ears for this one.
8:24 am
i don't know if you want to say
8:25 am
anything, but let's go ahead own go to the forecast anyway. lighting nature's nierks -- fireworks in force, the monsoon is on. back in the midwest, the great lakes there's one shot of cooler air. there's another shot of drier cooler air. the temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s, nature's air-conditioning that's for sure. that's a look from east to west, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: hey, ginger, nice demonstration on the fireworks. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry heading outside we have sunshine heading up over the horizon and low humidity. temperature in the low 70s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're going for a warm high of 87. it will be sunny and low humidity, tomorrow, soupier through the day. at times, showers and drenching thunderstorm possible. high of 86. that's over saturday and sunday,
8:26 am
nice those two days, maybe rain on the 4th. a day. we are live streaming on facebook. and deals and steals is up next. >> good morning i'm tamala
8:27 am
edwards, 8:27 thursday, june 30. let's check traffic with karen rogers, she is starting on i-95. >> reporter: we have one, two accidents on i-95. there's an accident right here, you see the flashing lights blocking the right lane, police fire crews on the scene. 25 minute ride southbound from woodhaven to the vine with the accident i-95 southbound past woodhaven. i want to show you the speeds in both directions, at times traveling in the single digits. the heavier traffic is actually northbound on i-95 where we have an accident there. that's creating huge problems, as well. this was blocking a lane, it was blocking two lanes earlier. it's off to the side northbound.
8:28 am
northbound a really easy ride, a 44 minute jam from vine to woodhaven. it's a mess in either direction on i-95. this accident past academy. >> rough out there. >> at least good news when it comes to your accuweather. let's head outside to david murphy. >> reporter: you're right, tam, lots of sunshine, low humidity, a nice start to the last day of june, 72 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. this afternoon we'll see a toasty high of 87. lots of sunshine, but again, humidity on the low side. tomorrow, the humidity ramps back up, we get drenching showers and high of 86. we are done with that saturday and sunday, both days look great, highs in the mid 80s and low humidity. there's a model suggesting maybe late-day rain on monday, but not all are saying that. >> time to go back to "g.m.a.," time for deals and steals. we'll see you in 30. ♪
8:29 am
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american runs on dunkin'. well, they say it's shark week but you think it's puppy week. we've got our puppies from the north shore animal league right here. we have an exclusive look at that new documentary about sharks returning to the waters in the south pacific where atomic bombs were tested and jacques cousteau traveled around to study the now thriving reef shark population. we're supposed to concentrate on sharks, i know that's hard. this guy -- >> is his name thumb per, he's sweet, so, so, sweet. >> whispering in my ear. what are you saying? don't worry, i will take you
8:31 am
home. okay, you got it. >> little jack russell. >> we do have an announcement from our friends at match game with alec baldwin all part of sunday fun and game night on abc. we've got a few new competitors joining including ally wentworth. >> getting warmed up. >> leah remini and sarah palin and sheryl crow. quite a lineup. >> we've got these puppies and everything else. it's also national social media day -- >> which is why we're holding puppies. >> exactly. you can watch along, you can like us. we're closing in on 6 million and we would love for you to join us. robin, you have deals and steals. >> i do. i'm going to steal this one right over here with me. tory johnson is here with special fourth of july deals and steals all made in america and we have a "gma" watch party with deals and steals super fans joining us from a yacht. >> there's katherine and her
8:32 am
friends and you and i have our friends here. they're super fans but we're super fans of molly. >> she's asleep. >> which is why i couldn't put her down. first up, made in america. this is called beer cap trap as you can see. these are hand cut, two sizes, really fun for a beer connoisseur who loves to try different types and save the beer caps which is a thing among collectors. really fun, fab deal. normally they start at $60. but today only all slashed in half depending on the size you choose, $30 to $40. fun, very clever. >> when you have the beer cap beer, beef jerky just goes with it. >> we know one of our favorite sharks, damon john, invested in this company. they were on shank the tank. three jerks jerky. it's 100% fillet minion. that's their thing. there are fave flavors to choose
8:33 am
from. it's 100% fillet minion. it's the healthy version of beef jerky. normally, depending -- you can choose any of the flavors that you wish or create your own combo pack. each bag is $12. today slashed in half, six bucks for three jerks jerky. >> and we always love necklaces. >> we love necklaces. these are made in los angeles by lisa stewart. these are brand new to her collection. it's the sideways initial. it's an oversized initial. it hangs a little sideways. we're all a little sideways. i love these. there are three finishes to choose from, every single initial. you can wear your own or that of a loved one. normally $58. today $16. at our watch party in boston, katherine and her friends are
8:34 am
sporting these necklaces that we sent to them. everybody there we sent necklaces from lisa stewart to everybody. i think they've got the beef jerky, too. we won't make them show that. >> what's the last one here? >> this is southern fire fly. this is a fabulous company in nashville. they make candles and room surprise, unbelievable scents. that's amber, oak, bamboo. normally 18 to $38. everybody slashed in half, $8 to $15. the last one, from mississippi. these are the state pillows. they're all artist designed. the pillow is cotton twill. it comes with the insert. you can pop it out to be able to wash it gently. it's all really just beautiful sentiments of each state to celebrate where you are from. normally $44. these are slashed by 55%. 20 bucks for your state pillow. real fun. >> have you ever had puppies that are this good? i'm telling you, that are this
8:35 am
well behaved. our friends at north shore thank you animal league. hashtag get your rescue on. we did and thank you, thank you, thank you. thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals. now let's go back to ginger in washington. first show 1980 through 85.
8:36 am
you're bringing together a lot of folks, if you had a dream duet, say, who would you perform with. >> i would put her with aretha franklin. she does aretha as a kid. these where we got her soul chops from. >> let's go michael jackson, he is obviously a big icon. ♪ chart top for all of the decades that you guys are talking about, and jason drew is doing a special tribute. >> it's unbelievable, too, not the songs you would expect. he takes a unique approach to it, even with wardrobe.
8:37 am
>> let's do name that tune, you all have to beat each other at whatever song comes up. >> hit it deejay. >> next up. >> that's back street. very good. next a song by shania and maroon five. i forget his title, i don't know
8:38 am
the answer, but i enjoyed that. [laughter]. >> thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. greatest hits airs tonight. we're having fun beautiful morning in washington, d.c. hail pictures from arizona coming in. there are trouble spots on the travel map. if you're hitting the roads, i want you to see the spots it's wet in the central and, of course, the southeast. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: no problems today, ginger we have nothing on storm tracker 6 live, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a nice, warm afternoon low humidity. tomorrow, soupy, drenching showers and thunderstorms possible. more than one, 86 the high. nice saturday and sunday. ashle
8:39 am
store, and we are celebrating social media day. a look really quick at one of the most viewed on my instagram. that would be this land spout in colorado. of course, keep sending us those videos and pictures. they're the only way we get to showcase your town and your place, and we just love it. who doesn't love social media. let's stream live right into george, robin and everybody else in the studio. >> thank you so much, ginger. we're here now with actor frank grillo. he stars in the new thriller coming up, the purge election year. it's the latest film in a series about one night when nothing is illegal. we want to thank you for being here. this is a great bunch of movies really and obviously we're in an election year now. but in this movie it's a very different kind of election. what can you tell us about the latest installment? >> elizabeth mitchell plays a young senator and she basically
8:40 am
wants to get rid of the purge. i'm trying to make sure she lives long enough to do that, and things go south really fast. we're on the road running from the newfounder fathers which is a group of older white gentlemen. >> i got to give you props because you do all of your own stunts. you're a 51-year-old guy. you're in better shape than most 20-year-olds out there. what's your secret to lifelong fitness? >> my secret is red wine. >> good. mine too. >> i get a lot of sleep. and i box and kind of run a little bit. nothing crazy. >> red wine leads to sleep. it helps itself. >> a glass of red wine a day and a lot of olive oil. i'm italian. >> would you say this is a date flick, chick flick? >> i think you can bring a date. she can hold onto you really tight. you have experience with dates. >> in my former life. i'm going to get on this workout with wine and olive oil and sleep. thank you for being here.
8:41 am
the punch election year hits theaters tomorrow.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
♪ to the fourth of july with great ideas for your barbecue. we asked you guys to tweet us your best grilling photos. we got so many. we have two grill master dads. sounds like a rap group, grill master dads, facing off in a competition sponsored by tony romos. >> we've got chad rosenthal, chef at the lucky well in philadelphia. welcome. not only are you a restauranttour but you're going to be competing on chopped grill master. what advice do you have in terms of grilling ribs? >> ribs take time. they take a long time to make really good ribs. tony romo's has great ribs that basically in minutes are falling off the bone and just out of this world and they're going to be in your grocery store now. >> when you say time though, do you mean -- there's not -- >> three hours, four hours. >> low heat? >> low heat, long and low.
8:45 am
>> i like it. we have a question from a viewer. terry wants to know, should people throw away the wire bristle barbecue brushes? >> yeah. wire bristle brushes can break and cause problems. there are many alternatives. i use a nylon brush. your grill has to be cold but they work just as well. >> get to this quickly. we've got two dads here competing to see who can make the best side dishes for the ribs we were just talking about. i'm going to start with greg. you did a potato salad with grilled corn. what's the key? >> this is my grandma's recipe passed down from generation to generation. >> aw. >> what are the special ingredients? >> i love the skins on because it's healthier. a lot of proteins and nutrients. it's straight forward. everyone loves it. >> it looks delicious. fantastic job. lara, what do you got? >> competing over here, rudy's
8:46 am
mac and cheese with bacon and grilled as pair gus. what's the secret to your success? >> the secret hands down has to be the bacon. everybody loves bacon, right? >> that's right. bas tastes good with everything. >> i have sharp cheddar, parmesan, romano and classic american cheese. >> yum. >> it's time to announce the winner. who do you think it's going to be. >> chad did taste behind the scenes. >> i got good news because you're both going to be winners. you're going to go home with a brand new grill valued up to $500 like these bad boys right here and even better, you get a year-long supply of tony romo's ribs which means you both have a lot of grilling coming up this summer. >> do you hear that? >> awesome. >> that is so great. congratulations to both of our winners. we've got the recipes on our website. congratulations. thank you so much for coming. >> appreciate it. >> our thanks to tony romo's.
8:47 am
st. lucia is here performing live. don't go anywhere.
8:48 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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st. lucia's new album is out now. they're making their television debut right now on "gma." here's st. lucia with "dancing on glass." ♪ ♪ science and reason will tell
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us so ♪ ♪ the blood in our vains are just chemicals ♪ ♪ better believe i keep my demons to myself ♪ ♪ better believe it's getting harder but i'm never going to stop until it's broken ♪ ♪ never going to stop until it's broken ♪ ♪ how long until we learn dancing is dangerous ♪ ♪ how long until we find the devil inside of us ♪ ♪ how high is too low, we're not that young so we're never going to stop, never going to stop until we break it ♪ ♪ dancing on glass ♪ dancing on glass ♪ we all have our secrets, our
8:51 am
secrets know ♪ ♪ our violence mistaken for silence oh, ♪ ♪ better believe i keep my reasons to myself ♪ ♪ better believe it's never been easier ♪ ♪ never going to stop until it's broken, never going to stop until it's broken ♪ ♪ how long until we learn dancing is dangerous ♪ ♪ how long until we find the devil inside of us ♪ ♪ how high is too low ♪ never going to stop, never going to stop, never going to stop until we break it ♪ ♪ dancing on glass, dancing on glass ♪
8:52 am
♪ dancing on glass ♪ how long until we learn dancing is dangerous ♪ ♪ how long until we find the devil inside of us ♪ ♪ how high is too low ♪ never going to stop, never going to stop, never going to stop until we break it ♪ ♪ how long until we learn dancing is dangerous ♪ ♪ how long until we find the devil inside of us ♪ ♪ how high is too low ♪ never going to stop, never going to stop, never going to stop until we break it ♪ ♪ dancing on glass ♪ dancing on glass ♪ dancing on glass
8:53 am
♪ dancing on glass [ cheers and applause ]
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we had a fun day today. big thank you to st. lucia right there. thank you so much. okay, everybody, who wants to take home molly? molly is a cutie pie.
8:56 am
>> ally, guess what you're getting. >> good morning, everyone 8:56 thursday, june 30. let's go over to karen rogers and see what's going on on i-95.
8:57 am
>> reporter: we have a multi-vehicle accident i-95 past academy, a mess on i-95. northbound we don't normally have a delay, it's 42 minute ride that's huge from vine to woodhaven. we had and accident southbound at academy that has cleared, but still seeing delays southbound 24 miles per hour, the heavier delay is northbound i-95 crawling at 11 miles per hour right there. let's take you to new jersey, we have a problem on 295 this is a disabled vehicle southbound at warwick road blocking the left lane. blocking a lane a problem in chester county cheltenham avenue near 21st street, this accident causing problems, too. >> a beautiful day ahead. let's go to meteorologist david murphy. >> reporter: nice and warm on the terrace low humidity. take a look we're up to 76 patriotic degrees. 71 in allentown.
8:58 am
73 in cape may. lots of sun, low humidity, warm, 87. tomorrow, the humidity shoots back into play and we get drenching showers and gusty thunderstorms. 86 is the high. that wraps up tomorrow night. saturday and sunday, mid 80s, low humidity, lots of sun. the 4th of july a mix of sun and clouds there's a possibility of late day or evening rain. not all models have that, so we're keeping our eye on it. >> the propose add gas tax hike is going up for a vote in the senate today. if approved drivers will pay 23 cents per gallon starting tomorrow. we'll bring you more on "action news." "live with kelly" is next. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great thursday!
8:59 am
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